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    October 30, 2012
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the months old micro fische, please, everything is on line real time, not a day later. that's the greatness of a level playing news. the bad news? from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> congratulions, everybody, you made it to tri-day friday. that's right, the big week with everybody back to school, back to work. >> and the fall. yes, the fall has kind of begun. all right, so this is kind of an interesting story we're starting with. when your kids lose their teeth, okay, and put them under the pillow. >> they love to do around that age. >> how much money do you put under the pillow for them if your child lost a tooth? apparently, there's an average. the average cost of a tooth is
now $3. $3. >> that surprises me with times tough for people. $3 is groceries. i always gave the kids -- i don't even remember how much, but i gave them more for the first tooth, then when they lost the whole mouth -- >> when you were a kid, do you remember getting money under your pillow? >> a quarter. that was in the '80s, you know? >> when a quarter meant something. >> a quarter was a dollar. >> some parents do go crazy, leave $10, $20 under the pillow for a tooth. you ruin it for the other kids. >> human nature is never going to change, hoda. as soon as you accept that, you're going to be a happier person. >> 32 teeth, 32 times $3 is, what? >> $96? >> $96, so there. that's all i have to say about that. allegedly, i did.
i didn't study math. this is sad, you hear about the kids who allegedly cheated on the test at harvard about the introduction to congress. but anyway, this is upsetting. this best-selling author, who has been posting positive reviews on, not just posting great reviews of his own -- never seen what he looked like. >> he's a crime writer, he writes crime novels, you may have read it "a simple act of violence." >> i missed that. >> he wrote on his own amazon page. he wrote "a modern masterpiece." can you imagine? >> cuts your soul. >> a modern masterpiece. >> we all think what we write is. let somebody else say it. he was outed by a fellow crime writer for posting the glowing reviews. here's the thing, it's one thing
to put the glowing reviews about yourself, he posted really negative reviews for his competitors' novels. that's just not right. >> here's the thing, r.j. elroy confessed that he did it, said he was guilty of it, that's it. >> he said the practice is very widespread among authors. get your friends to do it, you know? >> you know what -- >> don't do it yourself. >> you know what book i'm reading that is so crazy good that i didn't think it was going to be, and i know it's been on the best seller forever, i know i'm late, "killing lincoln." it reads like a -- if they had all history books written like that, kids would devour them. john wilkes booth was an actor, kind of a ryan goessling. he at one point lunged at lincoln. he at one point lunged at lincoln. he was kind of a celebrity and that's why he wanted to kill
lincoln in his own house in ford theater, because that's where he performed. >> bad review, hate his politics? >> hated all the stuff with the spring of the slaves, and, you know. >> i heard this is fantastic. >> i can't put it down. >> it's actually being made into a movie, i think, with wrigley scott. >> really? they should write all history books like that, because you can't put it down. and who would have thought? they could do it with every president, i bet, something juicy. >> i was out in l.a. and i went to that -- remember that darling irish actress in "touched by an angel"? i loved her, we became friends. hadn't seen her much. she's married now to mark burnett, who's a brilliant, brilliant producer, "survivor," "apprentice." they are doing a 14-part series called "the bible" for the
history channel starting at the first of the year. they said people don't realize how fascinating these stories are. whether you believe they actually happened or not is another question, but the stories themselves have everything. yes, real housewives of the old testament. it's unbelievable. yes, got it all, got it all. anyway, i totally -- >> you know, it's funny, all this history and everything in the past, it's amazing how relevant it is and how fascinating it still is. okay, so here's something restaurants are considering that may upset you. okay, when it is peak time to eat, 7:00, 8:00. >> people peak at different times. >> pretend it's the hot time for a table, many restaurants are considering raising the prices for your meal at that time. the same steak you buy at 5:30 costs you more if you buy it at 8:00 at night, because they want to clear those tables and keep people moving. >> i get it. >> many places have the early
bird special, less expensive meal earlier, but now they are thinking about raising the prices later in the evening. >> no, there are new york restaurants that are not going to do that. >> they are talking about it. >> one thing we don't like as much is the trend that they are starting to keep logs about you. >> so in other words, you walk in -- there's some good points to it. they know ms. gifford likes her water sparkling. hi, welcome, here's your table, she likes sparkling water and chardonnay. they know your preferences and record them, but what they also record is if you're a good tipper. >> not afraid of that, frank gifford is the best tipper in the world. go ahead. >> what if frank gifford had the worst waiter in the world? >> he still would. i wouldn't. i wouldn't, i don't think you should condone bad behavior. >> it may be in your log when you walk in as the bad tipper, so they may put you at a crummy table at the back by the kitchen. >> i as a consumer will not go
back to that restaurant. there's a way to serve your customers, and i like knowing that, you know, there's certain places we go that take care of you, they know the table you like. i have been writing for the past year, hoda, a little musical, like a 90-minute review more called "table at mary's" about all the people that go to the little pub where frank and i were first married and the stories of the different people that go to the same table every day and have the same thing. and it's such a slice of humanity. >> when do you have time? what are you doing? >> i don't right now, i don't, i don't. john mcdaniels has been writing the music for it. it's been fun. he's going to be 82 on september 14th. >> happy birthday. so here are your most hated pet names for women when your husband/boyfriend calls you
these names. here they are, the top five. baby girl. >> ding. >> baby doll. >> ding. >> snookums. >> ding. >> sweet cheeks. >> i kind of like that one. >> you do? and number one, babe. >> i like babe. i like "babe" the movie about the pig. >> i don't like sweet cheeks, anything that sounds fat, i don't like. >> you don't have an ounce of anything anywhere on you. >> wait, wait, let's go to the other names real quick. food names, women don't like being called muffin, baby cakes, again, what i said, pudding, pumpkin, and pickle. >> i think those are all names for babies. you know? >> pumpkin, muffin. >> when we were having cody, we knew it was a boy but didn't have a name yet, we had to study for la mazz, we called the baby pudding until the baby came.
cute name for a baby. >> what do you call frank? hot? >> breakfast, lunch, and dinner. bobbie thomas is not with us today. she is in hawaii. she's going to come back, because we love her. >> bring home a lai for us, honey. >> hey. okay, it's time for your -- >> don't you like your hawaiian lais? >> your friday funny. >> have you ever heard, hoda, the saying marriage is like a deck of cards? >> no. >> in the beginning, all you need is two hearts and a diamond. by the end, you wish you had a club and a spade. i don't write them, folks. i'm the dumb smuck that says them on television. actress susan lucci tells us about real love gone wrong. >> how does she know? she's been married forever and they are still in love. we'll be back right after
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it is hard to believe susan lucci spent 41 years as erica cain on the soap opera "all my children." she was ducked daytime's leading lady. >> now she is getting ready for her latest role as the host of "deadly affairs" on id investigation discovery. take a look. >> don't you love the summer? everything is just so hot. when the blood heats up, there's no telling what a man or a woman might do. like my second husband said or was it my third? there's no shame in enjoying the finer things in life but best to enjoy them one at a time. there's no shame in enjoying the finer things in life but best to enjoy them one at a time. >> who is better than you? who's better than you? you are having way too much fun.
you should be arrested. how much fun is it? when they came to you with this concept. you've never done this sort of work before. >> i have never done this kind of thing before. i never hosted anything before. >> that surprises me. i've alsof voiceover before. this whole thing is brand-new territory to me, challenging fun, and sadly when "all my children" was canceled, i thought going forward, what i want to do is something i've never done. >> porn was out of the question. >> porn was out of the question. wanted to be excited about it. and know i was in good hands. when henry shleiss called. i love him. >> henry never calls. love him. >> he's awesome. awesome presentation, made me laugh. he showed me a scene and yes, this is it. >> these are true stories, affairs and murders. >> exactly. >> people are fascinated by that. >> they are. there is a website of addicts of investigation and discovery because they are addicted. to i.d.'s credit they are
pushing the envelope, they are not saying yeah, yeah, we are great. let's see where we can go now. this is a whole new way of hosting the crime show. crime, total reenactment, actual crimes of passion, triangles that go wrong. really wrong. i'm hosting, but as a character. not erica cain, but a nod to the character. >> jackie colins-ish. >> i'm on location and doing costume changes and doing the narration of the story in the voice of that character. so it's fun. the writing is so clever. >> it's a serious topic. what's interesting is walking the line between having fun. >> thank you, hoda. we are not. that's the first thing i asked about. the comments and the character is all about relationships between men and women or whoever and that's of course the thing i think that is so fascinating. that they tell such good
stories. this is really a commentary on the relationship part. when we talk about the victims, of course, there is nothing funny at all. >> but these stories are not about the murder, they are about the marriage. some people get lost in the crime portion, but it's about all the relationships. >> which is why i think people are so fascinated by this. you get the peek behind the closed doors and you see the person punished for the crime. >> look what's happening here. >> that old saying, divorce never, murder, i think about it every day. >> do you miss "all my children?" do you think about it all the time or move past that? >> "all my children" went off the air just about a year ago. it has taken me this entire year. i've been going through a mourning process. it's a loss and i miss "all my children" family. missing the people every day. my friends, my colleagues, in the trenches. >> you worked with the same crew for years.
>> here in new york and we moved to l.a. the last two years of the shoot. you don't expect that twice in your lifetime. so another fabulous group. what i'm happy about here in new york and shooting "deadly affairs" here in new york, i have my new york team with me, hair, makeup, and wardrobe. >> how about that hunky husband? >> he's hunky as ever. >> how many years? >> also 41. we were married about three weeks before i got the call to audition for erica cain. >> you know way hate about you, you look exactly the way you did 41 years ago. it's really starting to annoy us a lot. >> god bless you, kathie lee and look who's talking. >> premiers tomorrow night on investigation discovery. speaking of a potentially deadly affair. >> sara is rallying up our fans to ask any questions they want. >> could be dangerous.3q
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it is time for 3-2-1 live with sara haines hanging with the crowd at the nbc experience store. >> always a dangerous thing. okay, sara, what do you got? >> first up, we've got rafaelus from canada. >> what is your favorite broadway musical? >> well, what could that be? there is one we heard of that hasn't come out called "scandalous." that's an upcoming one. >> "once" we enjoyed this last season. oh, let's see. jimmy, help us? >> "once" is good. >> i'm hearing nice things about a show called "chaplin" if you're interested in the likes of charlie chaplin. that is opening, i think, this weekend. or maybe it's soon. i know that. "scandalous" opens on october 13th for previews. come see us, please. >> next up, a fashion question from emily from texas. >> hi, since it's new york fashion week, we wanted to ask y'all what is your must-have
accessory for the fall? >> why don't you go first? >> i'm terrible to ask this year. i'm not shopping or anything. what i usually like to do is go over to saks fifth avenue on the 8th floor and get two new great pairs of shoes for fall. you don't need a lot, but maybe one or two pairs of shoes to spruce up an older wardrobe. i like to do that. i don't think i'll have time this year. what about you, hoda? >> i wear the same dresses over and over, as you know. >> really? >> i care more about the jewelry portion. it's the same dress with different earrings. >> jen miller has gorgeous stuff. >> hoda, that changes the whole look, though. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> middleton does it, why can't my hodawoman. >> that's it? >> thanks. we'll find out if your kitchen is making you sick. how to counter the dangers.
got a fashion emergency? jill martin is here to help you. and we'll show you how to fix those annoying little problems. he's going to answer your questions about your house. >> not talking about your husband, talking about your house. >> exactly.
we are back on this try day friday with more of "today." is your kitchen making you sick? most of us think we know how to keep it germ free. >> you may be shocked to learn where your cooking and cleaning habits fall short. >> shame, shame. >> here to quiz us on kitchen dues and kitchen don'ts, deputy editor of "prevention" magazine. >> kitchen dos or don'ts. store boxes of rice and cereal from their original packaging. >> don't. wait. what is the question? >> leave it in the box. >> i say leave it alone. >> i say don't.
put it in a zip top. >> this is a kitchen don't exactly. >> why, what happens? >> buggies and things. >> i put mine in the fridge. >> why didn't you say that? >> it wasn't an option. >> instead of baggies use plastic so you're not leeching chemicals into your food. do or don't, keep your sponge upright in the holder? >> what holder? >> in your sponge holder. >> we know this is problematic to begin with. i say throw it out. >> i would say upright. >> me, too. >> let it breathe and air dry completely. >> like some other things. >> every couple of days you need to sterilize it in the microwave for 30 seconds or the dishwasher. or throw it away and get a new one. >> they are not that expensive. there is so much bacteria there. >> cutting board. >> kitchen do or don't.
hand wash your plastic cutting board after reusing it. >> as opposed to putting it in the dishwasher? >> hand wash it? >> i would say hand wash it really well. >> ding. it's a kitchen don't. >> ha, ha, ha. >> dishwasher or more boiling water. the temperature is much higher. >> what is the score? >> i don't know. >> go on. >> kitchen do or don't. defrost poultry, fish or meat in the fridge. >> do. i say do. what do you say? >> i say do that, too. >> you're right. if you need to speed up the process, run under cold water in the sink. >> what about warm water? >> no. another meat question. kitchen do or don't. defrost meats on the top shelf of the fridge. >> don't. >> it's the coldest on the top,
but it can drip down. >> nasty. >> store leftover beverages in the fridge. if you take a few sips. >> definitely. >> no. >> this is a kitchen don't. you're right, you're wrong. i'm sorry. germs from your mouth can breed bacteria even in the fridge and that makes you sick. >> how long are you leaving the can in the fridge? >> being kitchen do or don't. wash your produce soon as you get home. >> no. that's a don't. >> why? >> i know it's a don't. >> you're right. mold and other microbes grow in the fridge. you need to wash them right before you cook them. >> what is the score? >> is this a tiebreaker? >> no. there are two more. >> kitchen do or don't. leave meals warming on the stove
or in the oven. your husband is running late. >> it seems perfectly fine to do, but it's counterintuitive. i'm going to say don't do that. >> i say the stove. >> do neither actually. bacteria can grow up to 135 degrees fahrenheit. even in the oven, bacteria can grow. if it's more than two hours keep it in the fridge. >> i got that one, too. >> we don't know what the score is. >> let's go to the lemons. >> they are here all the time. >> it's imaginary. >> should you allow pets in your kitchen? >> i want to hear what this one says. >> yes. >> i say the answer is no. that's the tie-breaking winning answer. >> this is a don't. you would be horrified if you saw a kitchen in a restaurant. they have bacteria all over their mouths. >> we love you. thank you. >> what is the prize? you didn't come with a prize? >> i didn't come with a prize.
>> here it comes. we're ready. where is it? where is it? >> bring it! >> it's the lemons. >> i'm the winner. >> would you like to refinish the wood cabinets in your kitchen yourself? >> lou manfredini is going to answer all your questions. right after this. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy to treat allergy symptoms plus sinus congestion and pain. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system.
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it is time to ask lou, our favorite home repairman with those pesky problems around the house. >> lou manfredini is the host of the syndicated show "house smart". he is here to answer your e-mails. are you ready? >> we love you, lou. >> we don't care what anyone says, we think you're awesome. >> thank you. what do they say? >> lesley says, i cannot afford to put in new wood cabinets in my kitchen. any idea how to renew them? >> this is an awesome secret of the antique world i discovered years ago. i've given this tip a lot. it really works. it's a product from california called howard's restore a finish.
it works terrifically well on kitchen cabinets. they say don't ruin our doors. i'm going to make it look better. comes in different colors. neutral, this is a cherry. quadruple zero steel wool. the more zeros, the finer the steel wool. you take a little and go with the grain nice and easily. don't scratch. what you're doing is giving your wood a facial. >> a little facial, yeah. >> go back and forth with the grain, a little back and forth. watch when i wipe this away how nice this looks. you get a heat ring on a dining room table, you do this and it takes it right away. >> what was the name of that product? >> howard's restore a finish. different colors. very good. >> what is the best solution to use for hair being clogged in the shower drain. >> we had that the other day. had to call a guy in. >> your number one clog is with hair, whether it's in the shower
drain or vanity. take the stopper out. when you go underneath your sink, this makes the stopper go up and down. all you have to do is loosen this little tab right here. pull it off. this drain pulls out. >> i would be afraid i couldn't put it back. >> it's easy. we put hair in there. this is called the drain clog. greatest invention ever i didn't invent. it has velcro on the end and a piece of wire, for crying out loud. put inside the drain in your sink or bathroom. pull it down in there. you're going to be amazed and disgusted all in one. >> did susan do that? >> looks like a mouse. it looks like a mouse. this is reusable. most people say i'm going to throw this away. just clean it. a $4 item. will somebody take this? there we go. >> our next one. there is an odor coming from my bathroom sinks.
i tried baking soda, peroxide, boiling water didn't help. >> what happens is, there's a trap down there that holds water so you don't hear the sewer gas. i pour all this stuff down there. bacteria forms outside of the drain above the water. take a little pine sol. pour a little bit down in there. >> i love the smell. >> i do, too. this is a pipe brush. push it down in the drain and scrub it up and down. cleaning those sides. this takes two seconds. this will be all dirty. this is the tooth paste and washing your face, it goes on the sides there. that's where the odor comes from. >> it's gum on the sides. >> scum! >> you're gross. >> last one. i just moved into a new house that was -- that has an old thermostat. my question is, can i change it to a digital thermostat easy or does it require a pro? >> it's very easy. this is a more traditional one and programmable. this is what people need to know.
by installing a programmable thermostat and using it to manipulate the temperature, you can save up to 20% on your energy bills. >> as opposed to keeping it at the same temperature? >> when you take this off the wall, you're going to see this is the base plate. the wires come through here. what you can't see, there are letters, a w, a "y", "n." that has to do with the colors of the wire. yellow is "y," "w" is white. you correspond those to this. snap it back in place. you need a masters degree to program it. i'm kidding. to put the wires on it is easy. manipulating that temperature, you'll save money and be more comfortable. this does the temperature within one degree. >> thank you, lou manfredini. >> who is better than lou? >> nobody! are you ready for a wardrobe malfunction? >> jill martin with simple solutions to your fashion emergency right after this.
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we are back on this try day friday with "today's style." everything you need for a fashion emergency. >> for removing stains and mending something on the go for something for the man in your life. here with all the goods, jill martin, contributor to "today" and "us weekly." >> and author. >> we are starting with a vest starting at $50. you work out during the day. i'll start with me. i'm in this jacket. then i'm a little hot so i take my jacket off and become a vest. and then i don't feel like stopping home so i have all my things in all the pockets. it is a jacket and organizational. it is like having your wallet and purse in your jacket. >> i like that. that is great. >> starting at $50. this is such a good-looking
jacket with a belt. they have tons of options. i like that for people who like to be hands-free. >> that would be great for tourists. i've got my belt thing. >> these two-for-one. they're leggings and they become tights. this comes out, you see? it unfolds and goes right into a foot here. you see? >> no. it comes from a legging and becomes a tight. there is a footy in it. >> like footy pajamas. >> it's a tight and leggings. >> it slides in. >> we are wasting time. >> $38 to $50. this is to hold your tablet if you have a kindle and could double as a clutch. if you're going from the office and out at night.
this, if you have an ordinary belt and need to spruce it up, you could buy a letter and slide it on your strap. >> cute. >> this they are doing special for fashion week. $2.95. it has everything here. pit stains, no pockets, nip slips, ring around the collar. it fits right in your purse. >> smart. >> your key chain or purse. smell this. it's rose. $10. >> that smells pretty. >> that will take you from day to night, lotion and perfume. i love that as a small scent. traveling hopefully. this is travel packets, but it's shampoo and conditioner. really good shampoo and conditioner. it's just like this. >> you can take it on a plane. >> your carry-on, it's not 3 ounces. >> exactly. it's fabulous. it comes like this. it's a foundation, which is the bottom. then a concealer on top.
>> cool. >> and it comes with a brush. >> i need that for tonight. >> where are you going? >> it's none of your business. i'll tell you on monday. >> duality make-up. there is a nail polish, then a nail file inside. then remover. >> wow. that is so great. >> that is so clever. >> this is if you -- feel these. these are disposable personalized place mats. in your kitchen, if you're having a dinner party with kids and want them to be fun, this is great. $40 success. these are for wayward collars. there is a magnet underneath. you put it in and it snaps. this is for your man's fashion emergency. they also have really fun -- you can use them for women.
it's a great gift. >> you did it. how to save time and put the fun back in your workout. burning extra calories while knocking out your chores. >> this is "today" on nbc.
we are back with getting fit with kathie lee and hoda. if you can't find the time to work out, you don't have to choose between the gym and laundry. >> how to burn extra calories is personal trainer christine lucita. these are the kinds of exercises one of our producers who shall remain nameless joanne la marcus does around the house. she's like a size 0, so let's listen up. >> that's what she says. >> so we can combine these things. >> i'll show how to clean and get lean. this is a fun one. this is a creative way to get a leg workout and clean floor. >> what are these shoes? >> these are dusting slippers. we are going side skate with the legs all at the same time.
five in each direction. good. clean that floor. and switch. >> where do you buy these shoes? >> you can buy online and anywhere. they are just a lot of fun. let's do the back lunge. and clean that floor. make it shine like the top of that chrysler building. there you go. >> i like that. >> right on to the floor. here we go. we all want to work our inner thighs. let's scissor our legs. three more. >> you all right? let's move up to the vacuum. two things i don't like, cleaning and working out. >> you're vacuuming. we just start off by a basic lunge. you can put them on your legs.
start off with a lunge. i put a weight on there to get more of an upper body workout. another great way to work your major muscle groups, lunge. >> lunging. >> let's go to the next thing. this is a great fun way to be creative. fold your laundry and get a strong core all at the same time. >> you need to fold the laundry. >> i'm watching. >> sit down, cinderella. >> grab your laundry. lean back. here we go. we are going to fold the laundry. >> are you kidding me? >> we all are. you want to get sexier. bring it to the other side. here you go. >> no, i can't. >> we've got tn.